All Meta Trak installed products include an initial subscription period (1 or 3 years)

Continuing your Meta Trak subscription at the end of your subscription period is seamlessly managed online.
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per year


All prices shown here are inclusive of VAT and do not include the cost of the tracking device or installation by an approved dealer.

Industry-leading technology

The only tracking solution available that uses wireless-link technology for advanced theft protection

Mobile app

Constant connection with your vehicle via the easy-to-use Meta Trak app – wherever you are

24/7 stolen vehicle support

Stolen vehicle tracking by our professional Secure Operating Centre; directly linked to Police control rooms

Thatcham approved

Accreditation by Thatcham, the industry benchmark for product quality and performance

Lifetime warranty

An unlimited warranty for the original owner, for total peace of mind for the duration of your ownership


Do I need to pay for the initial subscription period?
No. Your Meta Trak will come with the initial subscription already included so it’s up and running straight away. When it’s time to renew, you will receive a message directly from Meta Trak to renew online.
What happens when my subscription period is due for renewal?

Will we send you a reminder when your subscription period is due to end. You will be provided with a link so that you can quickly and easily renew online.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?
It is possible to upgrade/downgrade your subscription service. Please bear in mind that your insurance company may have mandated a particular level of protection.
Can I get a refund if I sell my car before my subscription period ends?

Your contract with us is a fixed-term contract, just like with a mobile phone. We don’t offer a refund but you have the option to transfer the remaining subscription to another vehicle. Your installer will be able to arrange de-installation of the system from your current vehicle and re-installation into your new vehicle.

Can I transfer my subscription to another vehicle?
Yes. As you enter into a fixed-term contract, you will be able to carry any remaining time of your subscription period over to a new vehicle. In order to transfer your subscription, you will need to contact an approved installer who will quote you to de-install the system from your current vehicle and re-install the unit in your new vehicle.
Can I pass my subscription to a new owner?
You cannot pass over your subscription. If you decide to leave the Meta Trak unit in your vehicle, the new owner can contact us to take out a new subscription which will not contain any of your driving history or personal data.


What do you need to protect?

All Meta Trak solutions are compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles.