In the event of discovering your vehicle stolen you should:

  • Call our Secure Operating Centre (SOC) on +44(0)330 2200339, the SOC will commence tracking the vehicle.
  • Contact An Garda Siochana to report the theft and obtain a Crime Reference Number (CRN).
  • Call the SOC immediately to provide them with your CRN, the SOC will then liaise with An Garda Siochana directly to locate your vehicle.

In the event of the SOC receiving an AUTOMATIC ALERT from your tracking system:

  • The SOC will attempt to contact you in order to confirm the vehicle status; the SOC will NOT contact Gardai until the theft has been confirmed with you.
  • You will also receive a push notification advising you that an alert has been sent to the SOC (provided you have the Meta Trak app running).

NOTE: For operational reasons the ‘caller ID’ of the inbound call from the SOC will be shown as ‘UNKNOWN’ or ‘Private No.

How will I recognise the SOC’s number if they call me?
For operational reasons the ‘caller ID’ of the inbound call from the SOC will be shown as ‘UNKNOWN’ or ‘Private No.’
Why can’t I track a stolen vehicle?
For our insurance approved services, access to tracking is temporarily disabled as soon as a theft alert is generated in order to comply with Thatcham regulations.
What happens if my vehicle is stolen abroad?
Meta Trak services operate across the UK and the EU. Meta Trak’s Secure Operating Centre will liaise with local Police in the event of a vehicle theft abroad.
My subscriptions has expired and my vehicle has been stolen. What can I do?
If, at the time of theft, you do not have an active Meta Trak subscription in addition to paying the usual price for the relevant subscription service, a supplementary premium of £300 (inc. VAT) will be payable before theft management will commence.