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Developed by Meta System

Meta Trak security solutions are developed by Meta System, specialists in advanced electronic systems for the automobile sector.

Established in 1973, Meta System has over 45 years of automotive industry experience and produces 1 million telematics devices every year. They collaborate with the largest premium car manufacturers in the world and all products are made to OE standards and match OE warranties.


Meta Trak are at the forefront of innovation and development. We are unique in our aim of developing multi-layered, wirelessly connected solutions to deliver the best levels of security possible, using the smallest, smartest devices.

Meta Trak is unique in developing multi-point, wirelessly connected tracking and immobilisation solutions. Eliminating hardwiring between components means we can deliver you the best levels of covert security possible, using the smallest, smartest devices.


By eliminating hardwiring between components of the Meta Trak system, they can be located in different areas of the vehicle, including on undersides


‘Multi-point security’ provides advanced protection against theft, as the system cannot be overcome on discovery of just one part of it


With no line of sight to the sky required to pick up GPS, unparalleled covert installation options are available


Our product range continues to develop in line with customer needs and the wider Global trends in connected solutions


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