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Meta Trak is unique in the Irish market. The product is an intelligent solution for tracking vehicles of all kinds and can be used for many different applications. It features high grade automotive tracking devices coupled with a clever smart phone app allowing full visibility of your vehicles 24/7. Users can monitor vehicles, routes, events, and alerts from their mobile phone or tablet from any location worldwide.

The Meta Trak range of products is the latest evolution in vehicle tracking from Meta System. This achievement is the result of years of experience in fleet monitoring, ‘pay-per-drive’ insurance telematics and stolen vehicle recovery. With deep roots in the vehicle security industry Meta System, from its first advance into vehicle tracking, has quickly stepped onto the global stage having now produced more than 6 million devices.

The Meta Trak range is specifically designed for ease of use. The range embraces the tough criteria set down by insurance companies and the many demands of today’s vehicle owners, drivers and business users. The product line caters perfectly for single vehicles and is created to expand effortlessly to provide for multi vehicle, multi user commercial applications. Packed with a host of user friendly features, Meta Trak is also the perfect light touch fleet management system. The Meta Trak series now strikes a perfect balance offering reliability, functionality and affordability.

This revolutionary approach to vehicle telematics marks the beginning of a new era where tracking is set to become standard equipment for many vehicles and assets. The Meta Trak range is incredibly cost effective and it brings tracking within the grasp of almost every vehicle owner covering a multitude of applications.

Meta System was established in 1973 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The company grew organically – always striving to deliver quality, innovation and reliability, and always looking for ways to improve. Today, Meta System is proud to be one of the largest producers of vehicle safety, security and information systems in the world.

“Our products are specified or approved by many leading car and motorcycle manufacturers. Many of our solutions are recognised and approved by the motor insurance industry, and we achieve consistently high ratings in consumer and industry tests.

The reason why is simple. We have a team of over 100 skilled engineers, working at a purpose-built, state-of-the-art laboratory. We take research and development incredibly seriously, and won’t release any new product unless we’re totally satisfied with it. And then we go straight back to the drawing board and look for ways to make it even better.

The result: innovative, intuitive, high-quality equipment that consistently out-performs the competition, and is built to last. We’re so confident in our products we give each one a three-year warranty.

More than that, we know aesthetics matter. You chose your car for a reason – you like the way it looks. So we aim to design products that not only function beautifully, but are also fitted to be as inconspicuous as possible. You may not see the difference, but you’ll certainly appreciate it.”